Lessons from a Sheepdog


Auteur: Phillip Keller

Nombre de pages: 76


Man’s Best Friend


When Lass the sheepdog came to live on the sheep ranch 

at Fairwinds, she was anything but. She was gaunt, angry 

and seemingly untrainable... A product of years

in the hands of an unloving master.


Phillip Keller tells of those first tense weeks with Lass 

and allows us to see Lass’s dramatic transformation from 

a scrawny, enraged animal into the strong, vibrant worker

she was bred to be. Through Keller’s unwavering patience 

and love, Lass learned the lessons of trust, obedience, faithfulness and discipline.


Woven throughout this simple parable is the profound 

spiritual truth that, just like Lass, we can be transformed into the magnificent beings we were created to be,

if we will simply listen and obey the Master’s voice.


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