Pilgrim's Progress


Auteur : John Bunyan (retold James H.Thomas)

Nombre de pages : 256


Feel like the only person with struggles in the Christian life ? Wonder if anyone else has traveled the same road ? Millions of Christians have cherished John Bunyan’s allegorical tale

of the Journey Christian and Christiana made to the Celestial City. Written in the 1600s, this immortal classic is now available in a modern day understandable text.


Christian leaves his home in the City of Destruction and begins a long journey to the Celestial City. His adventure

is full of encounters with interesting people such

as Faithful, Hopeful, and Ignorance. Traveling through places such as Vanity Fair and the Valley of the Shadow of Death,

he reaches his heavenly home but learns such lessons during the journey. The story has immediate application

to everyday life.


 Later on, Christian’s wife, Christiana, decides to join her husband in the Celestial City. As she travels, Christiana comes upon a different set of people — Greatheart, Mercy, Honesty, and others. Her story illustrates how Christians follow different paths but with the same destination — eternity with Jesus.

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