The Heart of the Amish

Auteur: Suzanne Woods Fisher

Nombre de pages: 178


Everyone has been hurt. Everyone experiences conflict,

great and small. Everyone has someone to forgive.

But sometimes we just can’t bring ourselves to forgive someone who has wronged us or we don’t take

the need to forgive seriously—not like the Amish do.

Forgiving others in order to live at peace is woven into the very fabric of their faith. To the Amish way of thinking, “You can’t love the stream without knowing the source. We must forgive others, they believe, because God forgave us." 


The Heart of the Amish invites readers into the world 

of a people renowned for their ability to forgive. Through true stories gathered from a variety of Amish communities, bestselling author Suzanne Woods Fisher illustrates how they are able to release their pain and desire for revenge, and live at peace with others. Her in-depth, personal research uncovers the astounding yet fundamental way the Amish can forgive anyone from the angry customer at the grocery store to the shooter at Nickel Mines. Readers will learn how to invite God into their stories, apply lessons from the Amish to their own circumstances, and find the freedom that comes

with true forgiveness.


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